And you'll feel like a wide-awake genius

EC: Start Your Day with Coffee in Arm's Reach
Credit: Collage by Lauren Kolm, Photos by Ben Richardson via Getty Images and Amazon

One particularly haphazard morning, I was running late and didn’t have time to make my usual cup of coffee, despite the 20 alarms I usually set. Cursing myself and my impending caffeine-withdrawal headache on the train on my way to work, I started to think of ways I could wake up more quickly and make my mornings much better. Then it came to me: what if I brew my coffee right next to me while I’m snoozing? Then it would just be there waiting for me, first thing, and I wouldn’t have to bumble around like a zombie waiting for it or, like this morning, have to forego it altogether.

It’s the best idea I'd ever had, and honestly: it has changed my life.

Later that day, I cleared off half a bookshelf, put a power strip nearby, and went to town. I have a Keurig, which takes about 90 seconds to make one cup at a time—which is what makes this set-up even better. I prep the coffee grounds (I have a refillable K-cup) at bedtime and get everything ready to go. In the morning, somewhere around my second alarm, I reach over and start the coffee. Let me repeat that: I can start my coffee without actually getting out of bed at all. Then, by the time my next alarm sounds, my hot, fresh cup of coffee is ready and waiting, and has been wafting its caffeinated goodness around the room. I keep sugar and a spoon on the shelf as well so I don’t even have to waste the extra steps getting to the kitchen—I’m a big fan of efficiency.

There are so many benefits to the bedroom coffee bar that I don’t even know where to begin. I feel immediately comforted and more awake in the morning with the smell of fresh brewed coffee right next to me. I am much more productive right off the bat and spend less time in a bleary fog. Okay, maybe most people have an easier time waking up and a much less severe caffeine addiction than me. But I am who I am, and I LOVE the coffee bar.

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I don’t know why we collectively didn’t start doing this sooner. Hotel rooms all have coffee pots, so the smell of coffee brewing in a hotel room is something I associate with vacation. And that’s an added bonus: I feel like I’m on vacation every morning.

Clear off half a shelf or table that is close to an outlet and set up a little coffee station. I can almost guarantee that you won’t have a single regret —except for not trying it immediately.