It will only be available for four days

By Rebecca Firkser
Updated March 20, 2018
Credit: Photo via @MikeSington via Twitter

Though the coffee chain has not yet made an official announcement, Starbucks baristas have leaked that they will launch the Crystal Ball Frappuccino this week. A marbled turquoise and white peach-flavored drink topped with a mountain of peach whipped cream and colorful rock candy sprinkles, the Crystal Ball Frappuccino will apparently be available at most Starbucks locations for just four days starting March 22, or until supplies run out.

Clearly hoping to attract the same hullabaloo caused by the color-changing Unicorn Frappuccino, Starbucks has launched several limited-edition colorful drinks recently, from the Zombie Frappuccino to the Ombre Pink Drink. Instagram bait like the Crystal Ball Frappuccino aren’t even necessarily designed to taste good, but simply to make a visual impression on social media.

Arguably the worst part about viral drinks like these is the fact that Starbucks baristas have to learn how to make make the ridiculous concoctions at a moment’s notice. Many baristas have taken to social media to express their fear about having to make the Crystal Ball Frappuccino at early hours for impatient customers.

If you don’t want to annoy your barista, you could try to make your own Crystal Ball Frappuccino. Make a peach milkshake and swirl part of the drink with turquoise food coloring or gel. Top the shake with whipped cream mixed with peach flavoring and crumbled rock candy. Honestly, this might taste better than the Starbucks version, but you’ll have to taste the real thing later this week to know for sure.