photo by Zhang Peng via getty images

The bandit made off with over $100 worth of grounds this week

Elizabeth King
February 07, 2018

There are some people who like Starbucks so much they’ll stand in line every morning for a Pumpkin Spice Latte each fall, and others who like it so much they apparently can’t help but swipe coffee goods from the same location repeatedly. According to DNAInfo, a man who has become “notorious” for lifting beans has been robbing the same Chelsea Starbucks over and over. DNAInfo reports that the alleged bandit is in the habit of grabbing coffee goods for free while baristas are serving customers. The man behind the robberies is reportedly around 40-years-old, and has consistently been able to evade the police.

A shift supervisor at the Chelsea Starbucks told DNAInfo that the man comes in every few weeks and will “stuff… whatever [into his bag].” The supervisor stated that the man has made off with “hundreds of dollars” worth of Starbucks merchandise since he started making stops at the cafe. Most recently, the man took $111.60 worth of coffee grounds from Argentina, this past Sunday afternoon. But evidently, this man isn’t the only one who regularly makes off with goods without paying for them. The same supervisor who spoke with DNAInfo said it’s not unusual for people to steal from their location.

But this isn’t the only Starbucks to make the headlines because of a robbery lately. Across the country in Fresno, California, a man who was allegedly attempting to rob a local Starbucks wielding a fake gun is now suing the man who interrupted the robbery, according to SF Gate. Evidently, Starbucks stores, in their ubiquity and popularity, are not unpopular targets.

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