They'll also give you way more caffeine
EC: Starbucks' Coffee Ice Cubes Will Prevent Drinks from Becoming Watery
Credit: Photo by Chris Hondros via Getty Images

The problem with iced coffee is that all the ice waters down the brew, forcing you to suck it down fast or deal with weak and watery coffee. Finally taking note of this issue, Starbucks has begun to sell their iced coffee with the perfect remedy: iced coffee served with coffee ice cubes. It’s simple and brilliant. Customers will now have the option to order their iced Starbucks drinks with ice made from coffee, so nobody has to choose between brain freeze and coffee that actually tastes like coffee.

Not only will Starbucks' coffee ice cubes solve the watering-down issue, but the addition of more caffeine in the form of coffee cubes means the iced coffee will pack even more of a caffeine punch. So proceed with caution on this one if your brain and body are sensitive to coffee.

Of course, including this new treat to your drink is gonna cost you. The addition of coffee ice cubes to iced coffee drinks will cost an additional 80 cents, according to CNBC, but to make iced coffee more drinkable for less than a dollar seems worth it when you need to cool down and get your caffeine buzz going.

For now, Starbucks is testing coffee ice in 100 stores in St. Louis and Baltimore, and only for a limited time, but there’s good reason to believe it will take off during its trial period and hopefully become a menu fixture. Coffee ice became a big trend last fall, when everyone from Martha Stewart to Dunkin Doughnuts was jumping on the coffee ice bandwagon. It stands to reason people will enjoy it at Starbucks as much as anywhere else.

In the meantime, coffee ice is really easy to make yourself at home. Just freeze coffee in an ice cube tray and add to your homemade cold brew or iced coffee and you’re good to go.