Get your chocolate fix before those New Year's resolutions kick in.
Starbucks' Black and White Mocha Drinks Return to Close Out 2018
Credit: Courtesy of Starbucks

Starbucks is certainly known for its limited time offers, but with the Pumpkin Spice Latte popping up in August and sticking around for months, it's easy to take the seasonal menu item for granted. But while "autumn" is technically a limited time, Starbucks is rolling out a trio of chocolatey beverages to close out 2018 that are only available into the New Year.

The Black and White collection includes three varieties of familiar Starbucks drinks with the twist of combining both dark and white chocolate mocha syrups in hot and cold, caffeinated and decaf forms. Here are the descriptions supplied by Starbucks:

  • Black and White Mocha: Our signature espresso is poured over a silky swirl of white chocolate and dark mocha, which melt together to create a wonderfully rich concoction! We then add steamed milk to balance the richness and top with whipped cream and a stripe of chocolate “sequins” to resemble a black tie.
  • Black and White Hot Cocoa: Dark and white chocolate mocha sauce are melted with steamed milk to create rich swirls, finished with whipped cream and chocolate “sequins”!
  • Black and White Frappuccino: The delicious combination of dark and white chocolate mocha sauce is blended together with Frappuccino roast coffee, milk and ice. Whipped cream and chocolate “sequins” are the final accessories for this blended beverage, too.

Starting today, expect to see these three somewhat familiar specials on the chalkboard behind your local Starbucks counter and staying on the menu "while supplies last," according to a statement from the company. They're likely familiar because it's the same Black and White lineup that was offered last year, as well as the year before when similar drinks were first introduced as the Tuxedo collection.

While Starbucks has dropped the formalwear name from the Black and White Mocha drinks, it has gotten fancy in other ways. Take, for example, the recently opened New York Reserve Roastery location which houses a full bar, bean roasting equipment, and a Princi bakery serving up Milanese-style treats. And if you'd like a little clarification on just what "Reserve" and "Roastery" mean in comparison to your regular, neighborhood Starbucks, here's an explanation of all four of your Starbucks experience options.

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