Put hot sauce sticks in your bag

Hot Spicy Red Sriracha Sauce
Credit: Photo courtesy of Sugarmade and Getty Images/iStockphoto

Marinades, rubs and seasonings are so 2016. 2017 is the year of the stick.

In partnership with Sugarmade, Inc., Huy Fong will be releasing a line of sriracha Seasoning Stix to amplify your home-cooked meals.

What exactly are Seasoning Stix? Your new favorite alternative to marinades, rubs and seasonings, which allegedly fail to penetrate meat, poultry and fish in a way that's superiorly flavorful and exceptionally delicious.

According to the company, "one of the main issues relative to seasoning meat is that meat is mainly water. Water cannot be compressed, but must be displaced and until the water moves out of the way the seasoning cannot get into the meat fibers to flavor the dish."

Because #foodscience, water is displaced through evaporation when you grill, roast and barbecue meat – the "optimal time" for seasoning. Seasoning Stix apparently take full advantage of this moment by changing from a "hard solid back into a powdered solid," which is then absorbed into the meat fibers like a sponge.

If this sounds complicated, you basically stab your meat with sticks prior to cooking and let science run its course. The result: scrumptious, tender bites embued with the addictive red chili sauce in every bite.

Flavors will include Classic, Butter Garlic, Teriyaki and a Mystery Blend to be named by followers. Those interested in free shipping before the product's official February launch can sign up now at Srirachastix.com.

How long until there's a YouTube challenge of people eating these things like Pocky? Our mouths are already on fire.