Bring on the Fairy Bread

By Rebecca Firkser
Updated December 12, 2018
Credit: Photo by @fancysprinkles via Instagram

Like Funfetti goddesses Molly Yeh and Christina Tosi, I love sprinkles. I will not eat soft serve ice cream without first requesting that it bathe in rainbow sprinkles, and Fairy Bread isn’t only a treat reserved for birthdays in my house. I’ve typically stayed classic with my sprinkles—rainbow nonpareils or the longer ones you’d get on ice cream. Then I found out about sprinkle blends. Instead of one sprinkle texture and color like rainbow or chocolate, sprinkle blends pair differently shaped and sized pieces (usually under one color scheme). They’re instantly more festive than your average container of sprinkles, which means they make a perfect gift.

While you could put together a custom sprinkle blend like Molly Yeh, there are also plenty of companies that make sprinkle blends, one of the most popular being Fancy Sprinkles.

“I’m not much of a baker—box cake mix all the way!—but I love how creative the process of decorating is,” Lisa Stelly Osbourne, the founder of Fancy Sprinkles, told me in an email. “It’s like creating a work of art but with frosting instead of paint.” Osbourne turned her decorating hobby into a full-fledged business after she couldn’t find a consistent store that stocked unique sprinkles. “I saw this opportunity to make the kind of sprinkles I wanted,” Osbourne said. “More shapes, interesting colors, better blends and ones that actually tasted as good as they looked.”

Osbourne makes a blend for every occasion where you might be serving besprinkled treats, from Valentine’s Day to New Year’s Eve. She also sells a monthly subscription kit for any serious sprinkle fans in your family (hi, hello, friends and family of mine!).

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a special occasion to use sprinkles. Osbourne has a number of ideas for incorporating sprinkles into the average breakfast: “Buy plain glazed doughnuts, dip the top in either frosting or melted chocolate (I like to use white chocolate and tint it with food coloring), then sprinkle with a metallic blend for extra fancy donuts.” She also suggests adding a dusting of sprinkles to a whipped cream-topped latte or hot chocolate, as well as adding a shower of sprinkles to peanut butter banana toast or a cream cheese-spread bagel to make kids’ breakfasts infinitely more exciting.