I loaf it a lot

By Rebecca Firkser
Updated November 06, 2018
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Credit: Photo by Rebecca Firkser

I love a loaf. Cake, bread, quick bread—if it’s rectangular and bakes for over 50 minutes, I’m there. I’ve been baking banana bread and pumpkin bread since I learned how to mix oil and sugar, but I’d say my loaf obsession really started after purchasing an extremely charming marbled enamel loaf pan.

It was two years ago. I was in London, staying at an AirBnB in Shoreditch that just so happened to be a few blocks from the well-regarded home goods store Labour and Wait. The shop had all manner of delightful enamel teapots and plaid blankets and bread bins—all things I’m sure I would use if I lived in a chilly flat in London and not Manhattan, where it seems to always be 92 degrees inside. While most of the items at the shop were either too big or breakable to make it back to the states in one piece, the marbled enamel loaf tin was perfect.

The tin came home to join my burgeoning enamel collection. At the time, it was a set of red dinner plates, a couple cereal bowls, and four mugs. It now involves two vintage blue colanders from an estate sale and my grandmother, a tall pink cup, a teal milk pot, two grey spoons, a red lunch container, and a white ladle. Many of them are, like the loaf tin, splattered.

I knew the pan was special when I bought it, but I had no idea everyone else would think so too. Any time I had a friend over for a loaf-shaped treat, they squealed over the pan. Whenever I put a photo of the pan on Instagram, the number of likes and comments are higher, and my DMs blow up with messages like “where did you get it!" It's a nice ego boost for me, and probably for the pan as well.

Of course, you don’t have to visit London for such a loaf tin of your own. Even Labour and Wait’s website says that the pan (a Crow Canyon splatterware piece) is “quintessentially American.” It’s also available on Amazon. I’d go ahead and drop one in your cart if I were you, but be warned: You won’t get to tell a cute story about shopping in London when you do it that way.