Of course they are

By Sammy Nickalls
Updated February 13, 2018
water fountain
Credit: photo by Nico De Pasquale Photography via getty images

There's no city quite like Paris. From the croissants to the Champagne, everything is perfect—and now, that includes the water fountains. Paris, discontented with the average water fountain of today's society, is upping its game by focusing on sparkling water fountains dispersed throughout the city, for when you're thirsty for the perfect bubbly after your perfect croissant.

CityLab reports that Paris has been slowly working on their sparkling fountain network since 2010, but until this month, there were only eight of them. “People often told me that they were ready to drink tap water if it was carbonated,” head of the Paris water board Anne le Strat told 20 Minutes back in 2010. "Now they've got no excuse not to."

Now, Paris City Hall is cranking up the jetstream by providing at least one fountain of sparkling water in every one of the city's 20 Arrondissements. Last Friday, a new fountain was officially installed next to the Canal Saint Martin at Square Eugene Varlin. Eight more will be installed by next December, and, as CityLab reports, "every corner of Paris could be flowing with free fizz" within just a couple years.

According to CityLab's Feargus O'Sullivan, finding one of these fountains—called Fontaine Pétillante—wasn't easy. It looked as though "it were designed to troll visiting fantasists with its simple look and battered condition." However, the O'Sullivan described the water to be "utterly delicious" and "a magical surprise," adding that it's "cool but not icy" and has a ton of fizz.

In case you needed a new reason to move to Paris, there you are. But in the meantime, if you’re looking to get more sparkling water—or, as I will now be calling it for the rest of my life, “magical surprise”—head on over to Target. Yes, seriously.