Grand theft orange ended poorly when the fruit rolled out of the opened doors

By Tim Nelson
Updated February 13, 2018
Full Frame Shot Of Oranges For Sale At Market Stall
Credit: photo by Jo Superspace via Getty Images

An orange is the kind of thing you can probably get away with shoplifting, assuming you "accidentally" only pocket one of them. But recently, a family of would-be thieves in Seville, Spain took their attempted vitamin C robbery to an absurd extreme.

Last week, Spanish authorities apprehended a married couple and their three adult sons, who were caught with an estimated 4,000 kilos (about 8,800 pounds) of oranges. The family’s car and van were first spotted driving suspiciously, and a short chase ensured after both refused to comply with the officers’ orders to pull over.

Once they were in custody, the scene quickly turned comical. Each car was packed to the gills with oranges, which immediately flooded out of open doors and tumbled out into the roadway. As if that wasn’t enough, the cops also found a nearby third vehicle filled with the fruit.

When the family was unable to produce an invoice or other documentation that would’ve explained why they had countless thousands of oranges in their vehicles, they explained that they’d been “picking them up from the ground” as they travelled. They were subsequently placed under arrest and charged with theft. According to Europa Press, the oranges may have been from a ship in nearby Carmona that reported a theft, but the investigation seems to be ongoing.

Let that be a lesson to you next time you feel like buying up Costco’s entire stock of oranges. And if you’re (hypothetically, of course) going to steal 8,800 pounds of something, make sure it has a street value of more than $1,700, because that just seems wildly inefficient.