Good beers making fun of a bad idea
Credit: Photo courtesy of Hop & Barrel Brewing

Because we’re living in the dumbest possible era, President Donald Trump wants to introduce a “Space Force” as the sixth branch of the United States’ armed forces. This endeavor supposedly launches in 2020, assuming it isn’t an elaborate plot to use a satellite to broadcast that the president “totally had a chance” with Heather Locklear in 1988 or something. And while details of how such an endeavor will function—let alone how or why it should be funded—are scarce, that hasn’t stopped craft breweries around the country from taking the concept and running with it.

Earlier this year, the name “Space Force” beer was trademarked by Wisconsin brewer Hop & Barrel Brewing Company. Adorned in a sweet, colorful can that depicts a skeleton in space, their dry-hopped Space Force Double IPA is actually one of a handful of beers that have taken inspiration from the concept. Most of them seem to clock in as high-ABV IPAs or double IPAs, possibly to make it easier for people to drink until they can forget that the president wants to have an army in space.

Another limited-edition option is the Space Force DIPA from 4 Quarters Brewing in Vermont. They have a somewhat legitimate claim to use the name in that the beer takes its inspiration from their existing “Space Face” beer, but with the obvious Trumpian twist. Even better, $1 from every four pack or t-shirt will go to RACIES, the Texas-based organization providing legal help to immigrants and refugees at the border.

Elsewhere, Drafting Table Brewing Company in Wixom, Michigan, has a Space Force One Brut IPA available in their tap room on draft, which they describe as having “a tropical fruit and hoppy aroma with low bitterness in the flavor.” California outposts Corralitos and Laughing Monk have also collaborated on their own Space Force Brut IPA, which they describe as “super dark and super dank,” which seems to fit with the cold blackness of outer space.

As of yet, it doesn’t seem like Hop & Barrel has sent out any cease and desist notices to the breweries pumping out their own space force brews. And given that Trump himself is an alleged teetotaller and Mike Pence is a boring nerd, there’s little chance that either man will end up trying any of these Space Force IPAs. For the rest of us, though, it’s good to know that we’ve got some heavy and hoppy beers to help us survive the next two (or, God forbid, six) years. May a Space Force IPA or Double IPA be with you.