Can you handle this cheese pull?

Extra Crispy Staff
February 07, 2018

“There’s nothing better than a doughnut,” says Darryl Harmon, Executive Chef at Clinton Hall in New York City. If Harmon’s affinity for doughnuts wasn’t clear enough from that statement, you should see how he makes a grilled cheese.

In collaboration with Sugar Factory’s Pastry Chef Max Santiago, Harmon created a sour cream and onion doughnut grilled cheese. The unique sandwich starts with a savory Sugar Factory sour cream-glazed scallion doughnut. Scallions are a bit less potent than onions, which allows the subtle sweetness of the yeasted doughnut batter to poke through. Harmon halves the doughnut, butters the insides, and grills the doughnut until golden and crisp. He fills the doughnut with mounds of shredded cheese, then lets the cheese melt. He sandwiches the doughnut, and suspends the sandwich on a banana hook over a bowl of warm potato soup.

Clinton Hall has featured a doughnut grilled cheese on their menu in seasons past to great success. Harmon knew it would be a smart choice to bring a new iteration of the dish back for his October menu.

While mozzarella may be the optimal choice when looking to achieve that Instagrammable cheese pull, Harmon used yellow and white cheddar in the doughnut grilled for its flavor, which he feels is the best complement to the potato soup. And to be honest, once the grilled cheese is suspended on the hook, there’s still a pretty impressive cheese pull situation going on here.

Clinton Hall will serve a limited quantity of the sour cream and onion doughnut grilled cheese just through the end of October, but you can watch the video forever.

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