It's basically a breakfast corndog
EC: Sonic's Pancake on a Stick Is Coming Back This Spring
Credit: Photo via Flickr user jeepersmedia

Sonic Drive-In is probably best known for its carhops on roller skates, its corn dogs, and, once upon a time, its pancake on a stick. But there's finally good news for those who have been pining the loss of the cult breakfast favorite since it was discontinued in the mid-aughts. Sonic's pancake on a stick is coming back in early spring 2017, according to the company's CEO Cliff Hudson in a report from Business Insider. Sonic's pancake on a stick was first introduced in 2002, based on a customer in a focus group who, "wondered aloud whether Sonic could plop a pancake and sausage on a stick, kind of like a corndog."

And really, that's all there is to Sonic's pancake on a stick. It's a breakfast sausage that's been stuck on a stick and then wrapped in a pancake—and according to a report from USA Today, this customer's idea was a huge success for the fast food chain. The pancake on a stick quickly became the drive-in's most popular breakfast item and a beloved fan favorite.

So when Sonic's pancake on a stick was mysteriously discontinued a few years later, many folks freaked out and, in the intervening years, have been left to wonder, "What happened to Sonic's pancake on a stick?"

Sadly, there's no clear answer as to what happened to Sonic's pancake on a stick or why the chain discontinued it in the first place. But it's likely no coincidence that the chain is looking to bring back the breakfast favorite now, especially given the success of all-day breakfast at other fast food chains like McDonald's, which has been driving the company's sales. And Sonic needs that kind of boost right now, since the company's revenue declined last quarter.

One thing that is clear is that Sonic is definitely going to be winning back a lot of fans with the triumphant return of their pancake on a stick.

Because who doesn't love a breakfast corndog?

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder