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By Matthew Kassel
Updated February 13, 2018
EC: Someone Made the 'Stranger Things' Intro Out of Eggo Waffles

The distinct presentation and typography of Stranger Things’ opening sequence are in little—if any—need of improvement. The Netflix series created by the Duffer Brothers, which returns to a TV stream near you on Halloween this year, had perhaps the most notable opener in recent memory, with its moody, pulsating synth and shifting red letters, reappropriated on social media channels like Twitter. But that doesn’t mean the sequence isn’t ripe for parody. A relatively new video combines one of the show’s best recurring props—Eggo waffles, the favorite food of the mysterious character Eleven which were also recently featured in Stranger Things’ cryptic Super Bowl ad—with the intro.

It’s a delightful animated sequence featuring cut-up Eggos in the shape of letters, shakily joining to form the title of the show. “Combining the two most iconic parts of Stranger Things—Eleven's Eggo Waffles & the show's opening credits,” reads a description at the bottom of the video. “Created using actual Eggo Waffles and a lot of free time.”

Other opening sequence parodies that come to mind include a recent one featuring video snippets of Donald Trump and his cronies set to the theme song from The Office. Another great one takes clips from Mad Men to create what appears to be an upbeat sitcom called Draper set to the music from the ABC series Benson, which first aired in 1979.

Still, Studiorbit’s work gets extra points for the physical labor it must have taken to cup up all those Eggos and create a font resembling that of Stranger Things’. The mutilated waffles certainly bring new poignancy to the phrase “Leggo my Eggo!”