Cheese on a Pop-Tart isn't an Iowa thing after all
EC: Someone Called the Police Over This Pop-Tart Sandwich
Credit: Photo by Maxine Builder

Most things in life can be made better by adding cheese. Hamburgers, hors’ d'oeuvres plates, and even beer spring to mind. But one Twitter user with either an empty cupboard or a masochistic streak recently tested the limits of cheesification, and naturally the internet has some feelings about it.

In a fit of what you could either call desperation or divine inspiration, Iowa State sophomore Chris Jorgensen had the gall to slap a Kraft single between two strawberry Pop-Tarts and call it an exemplar of Iowan cuisine.

Beyond serving as a slap in the face to the Hawkeye State’s legion of corn and pork producers, Jorgensen’s depression meal triggered pretty much anyone who could fathom how unpalatable the flavors of fruity processed sugar and sodium-rich American cheese might be in the same bite.

The Iowa State University PD, where Jorgenson is a student, even went so far to threaten arrest for his crime against good taste in what’s become an insanely viral Tweet.

As with most of what you see on the internet though, the real story was a bit too good to be true, as Jorgenson stated in an interview with Munchies that the viral tweet was a bit of a collaborative effort. He had a feeling that the gross food combo was the perfect way to troll Twitter, and ISU PD played into his hand after he tagged them in a follow-up where he joked that they “DEFINITELY have these in the break room.”

Either way, Jorgenson’s strawberry cheese tart abomination belongs in the pantheon of gross culinary abominations created solely to stoke the internet’s ire like pumpkin spice pizza . As for the taste? “It was okay,” he said, “there wasn’t too much cheese, so I really dodged a bullet there.” That’s a sure sign that you should stick to eating cheese between normal, unflavored breads for the time being.