"I pumped my breasts every three hours at @burningman and gave away most of my milk."
EC: Some Burning Man Attendees Drank Breast Milk Lattes
Credit: Photo via mikiagrawal/Instagram

From what I understand, Burning Man is a place where basically anything goes, and that seems to include drinking lattes made with breast milk from the teat of a cofounder of a Silicon Valley-backed start-up that makes period panties. According to a new Instagram post, Miki Agrawal, new mom to baby Hiro and co-founder of THINX, a company that makes leakproof underwear for menstruating humans (who you might recognize because earlier this year, she was accused by employees of allegedly taking things "too far" in the office), went to Burning Man this year and brought along her breast pump.

According to the very long caption accompanying a picture of her standing in the middle of the desert wearing a straw hat and a surprisingly chic millennial pink bandeau maternity top that's attached to an electric breast pump, Agrawal "pumped my breasts every three hours at @burningman and gave away most of my milk." And boy, did people have some creative uses for Agrawal's breast milk. "Some people downed a whole four ounces hoping for a hangover cure," she writes. "Some wanted it for their coffee to make lattes." That means people in the middle of the desert were using this woman's breast milk to make lattes. In the desert.

Agrawal was so tickled by strangers' response to her breast milk that she wanted to try it for herself. "I drank some too when I ran out of water, it tastes like sweet coconut milk!" I guess that's why it goes well in lattes.

I think the moral of the story here is to never let your breast milk pumping get in the way of having a good time, and don't be afraid of drinking a latte made with breast milk because it's all-natural and tastes like coconut milk—even if you're in the middle of nowhere and covered in dust.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder