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The highly questionable product Coco Loko is now available in the US

Elizabeth King
February 07, 2018

When you hear about a substance people snort, something illegal or vaguely medicinal comes to mind. However, there’s now another powdery, recreational substance you ingested nasally, and it’s coming your way soon: chocolate. A company based in Orlando called Legal Lean is trying to make snortable chocolate a mainstream food. The unusual concept is already popular in Europe, and now the small company is looking to bring snortable chocolate to the US. And because you’re probably wondering: No, there are no drugs involved, and yes, it’s totally legal and supposedly safe.

The chocolate is sold as a brown powder flecked with white specks and is intended to be used as an energy-booster. Because “snortable chocolate” sounds weird and illicit, Legal Lean has named its product Coco Loko, with loko evidently being the preferred word to name questionable products that give you a buzz (RIP real Four Loko). US News and World Report reports that Coco Loko is made of cacao and cut in a way that maximizes the energy rush. OK, sure.

The Report also claims that snortable chocolate is popular in Europe’s club scene. Club-goers who snort Coco Loko receive a blast of energy and are able to stay up partying longer. Some people even take cacao supplements in pill form before they go out. According to the Report, cacao has mood-boosting and cognition-raising properties, as well as muscle-relaxing magnesium. Basically, cacao is packed with beneficial nutrients, and now people like putting it up their nose when they party. Coco Loko also contains B vitamins, ginkgo biloba, and the stimulants guarana and taurine.

image courtesy of legal lean

According to US News and World Report, Coco Loko can already be found on some convenience store shelves around the US. So if you love chocolate, need a jolt, and aren’t afraid to snort what is basically hot chocolate mix up your nose, look around for Coco Loko the next time you want to party.

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