When you really, really love Snapple, sometimes Snapple loves you back

EC: Snapple Surprised This High School Senior With His Own Mural
Credit: Photo by Karen E. Segrave via AP Images for Dr. Pepper

Since the days of renaissance art, painting has been one key way to capture our love for food and drinks. Horatio High School senior Fredy Torres loves Snapple so much that he painted his dedicated parking space on campus to celebrate the beverage company’s iconic yellow-and-blue iced tea label. Once he tweeted @snapple to show off his handiwork, he probably figured that was that. But over the weekend, Snapple decided to take things to the next level.

Flattered by Fredy’s shoutout, the company recruited Dallas-based artist Dr. Gorilla (aka David Rodriguez) to travel to Horatio, Arkansas and spruce up his parking space over the weekend. Using the yellow label as a template, Dr. Gorilla added some dynamic touches, turning it into a celebration of both Snapple’s fruity flavors and the sport of basketball.

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Credit: Photo via AP Images

In addition to unveiling the new space on Monday, Snapple presented Fredy with six one-of-a-kind Snapple labels sporting unique names like “Peach-sketball”, “Lay-Up Lemon Tea”, and “Nothin’-But-Nanas” and custom artwork that matches up with Dr. Gorilla’s mural theme. That’s one pretty sweet way to make sure Fredy holds onto that memory long after he graduates.