Start your day with tiger's milk
EC: Smoky Bloody Mary Ceviche Is Two Unbeatable Hangover Cures in One
Credit: Video by Alex Tepper / Photo by Teresa Sabga

Luis Jaramillo, executive chef at Fifty in New York City, is the genius behind bloody mary ceviche, a hybrid of two popular hangover cures. The classic hair of the dog drink meets shrimp ceviche, a popular South American hangover cure. The base of the dish consists of tiger’s milk (or leche de tigre in Peru), tomato juice, orange juice, lime juice, lemon juice, horseradish, a little bit of the bonito flake, salt, and black pepper. “When you grind the black pepper, make sure it’s nice and chunky, so it’s a bit spicy when you bite into it,” Jaramillo says. The brunch dish highlights four types of seafood, including fluke, rock shrimp, uni (sea urchin), and calamari. Serve it in the most beautiful coupe you can find and garnish with celery, of course.

Jaramillo spent his childhood in Ecuador, shadowing his mother, a caterer and restaurateur, in her kitchen. He moved to New York City in his late teens to live with his brother, but he remembers the tastes of South America and fuses them with American cuisine. “Living in different places and tasting different foods, my style became a combination of what I like and what I remember from travel,” he says. “All the flavors of the past come together.”