It's an interactive centerpiece, not a salt shaker, Brenda
EC: SMALT Is the $199 Smart Salt Shaker You Never Knew You Needed—and Probably Don't
Credit: Photo Courtesy SMALT

In the year 2017, it seems that there's an internet-connected version of every kitchen appliance, no matter how mundane. We have smart sous vide machines, smart coffee tables-slash-fridges, smart mugs, and, starting today, smart salt shakers. Yes, SMALT is a salt shaker that's connected to an app on your phone—either iPhone or Android, it's not picky—and "lets you simply shake, pinch, or choose the measurement of salt you desire right from your phone, via Alexa or the device itself."

But SMALT is more than a just a smart salt shaker. This device, which will retail for $199 once it's on the market, bills itself as "the world's first interactive centerpiece," and according to SMALT's Indiegogo page—which is already somehow 23 percent of the way toward its $25,000 goal—SMALT also comes with a Bluetooth-connected speaker, rechargeable batteries that last up to four hours, and serves as a "conversation starter and a great way to entertain guests."

Did we mention that it glows? There's a ring of "multi-colored lights to set the mood right," according to the fundraising page. Because who doesn't wants a salt shaker that can light up, but only for four hours at a time before the rechargeable batteries die at which point you likely can't access the salt that's inside your salt shaker?

Talk about a conversation starter, though! Do you see how the pink light glowing from the salt shaker prominently placed in the middle of this dining room table isn't distracting anyone at all? Can't you picture the riveting discussion happening around the SMALT? "I didn't pay $199 for this smart salt shaker-slash-Bluetooth speaker, Karen," Mike insists, defending his compulsive internet purchase as he waves around his half-empty glass of Pinot Gris. "It was only $99, because I got in on the Indiegogo campaign early."

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Credit: Photo Courtesy SMALT

You can bring SMALT into the great outdoors, too—because every picnic in the park needs salt and a conversation piece. "Nancy, I know trees are cool, but so is my interactive centerpiece that I brought out of my home to show off in a public space!"

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Credit: Photo Courtesy SMALT

SMALT also looks great at night, glowing next to a platter of uneaten cheese by a window that overlooks the decaying ruins of the American empire.

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Credit: Photo Courtesy SMALT

If you support the Indiegogo campaign, you can order SMALT now, though it might be a while before every American home has its own smart salt shaker/interactive centerpiece. The SMALT devices will start shipping out in March 2018—assuming we're still here on this planet by then and our tech overlords haven't replaced all of our food with drinkable supplements. Salt not included.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder