Cook Time
3 Hours
Prep Time
10 Mins
Total Time
3 Hours 10 Mins
12 servings

You may think you don’t need another French toast recipe, but actually, I think you do. More like a creamy bread pudding, this slow-cooker French toast is filling and packed with flavor, yet completely low-maintenance. It’s also perfect for mornings with a chill in the air, when you’re craving something a bit more cozy than cold yogurt or a piece of fruit dipped in nut butter.

Slow-cooker French toast layers thick slices of egg and milk-soaked French bread or challah with thinly sliced bananas and raisins for sweetness (try other dried fruits for different kinds of sugary fun). With the slow-cooker set to low, this French toast takes 2-3 hours to finish, but it’s completely hands-off. In the meantime, text back your friend, take a shower, have first breakfast—the time is yours to do what you wish. When the toast is done, cover it with jam, maple syrup, or a drizzle of smooth tahini.

Slow-Cooker French Toast

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Mix together eggs, milk, vanilla extract, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Whisk in a glug of heavy cream if you have some in the fridge. Slice bananas thinly. Cut each slice in of bread in half diagonally. Grease a slow cooker with cooking spray, and lay the half sliced bread in a single layer in the pot. Layer half the sliced bananas over the bread. Throw in a handful of raisins over the bananas if using. Cover the first layer of the French toast casserole with 1 tablespoon of the butter, shredded to make for easy scattering. 

Make another bread-and-banana layer, then drizzle the egg mixture over the whole thing. The liquid shouldn’t cover the bread completely, but it should reach more than halfway up the side of the slow cooker. Add more milk if the liquid doesn’t reach the halfway mark. Top the mixture with another tablespoon of grated butter, then sprinkle with another tablespoon or two of brown sugar. 

Turn on the slow cooker set to low and cook for two and three hours.

Serve slow-cooker French toast with fruit, maple syrup, chopped nuts, melted nut butter, or tahini.

How to Make It

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