Save those calories for bacon
EC: Skinny Prosecco Arrives in the UK; Basic Brunch Crowds Rejoice
Credit: Photo by ullstein bild via Getty Images

Mimosas just got a teensy bit healthier for our British pals. Skinny Prosecco, a version of the sparkling wine that boasts fewer calories and less sugar than the average pour, will be sold in the UK’s biggest supermarkets. In April, Thomson & Scott launched a collection of low-calorie, low-sugar fizzy drinks, including Skinny Prosecco and two kinds of Skinny champagne. Previously only available at high-end stores—it sold out at Selfridges within three days of its launch—Skinny Prosecco will begin appearing in UK supermarkets early next year, which is perfect timing for DIY brunchers who want to commit to their New Year’s resolutions without sacrificing their brunch cocktails.

Prosecco is already a good option for those watching their sugar, calorie, and alcohol intakes, which is why it’s popular with the typical brunch crowd. Its 11 percent ABV makes prosecco ideal daytime drinking (well, that and its refreshing effervescence). And a standard flute of dry prosecco contains 80 calories and only about one gram of sugar. Meanwhile, a glass of Thomson & Scott’s Skinny Prosecco has seven grams of sugar per liter and 67 calories. The difference isn’t extreme, but if every calorie counts and your marathon brunch includes three glasses of Skinny Prosecco, that’s nearly 40 calories saved. Those are calories you can reassign to almost an entire piece of bacon. The math is on your side.

A bottle of Skinny Prosecco sells for £17.99 ($21.65 USD). It's currently only available in the UK, which means Americans will have to indulge in full-calorie, full-sugar prosecco for the foreseeable future. If you’ll recall, this is still not very many calories or very much sugar, all things considered, so there’s no reason to feel guilty about drinking prosecco that isn't skinny. You shouldn't ever feel guilty about mimosas, anyway.