Yes, and there’s a second breakfast involved, too
EC: Should You Eat Breakfast Before You Run?
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If you like to exercise in the morning, you might always have the debate of whether or not you should eat breakfast before you workout. It's no secret that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that exercise is necessary for a healthy, wholesome lifestyle. Together, these two things fuel your body (and mind) in the best way possible. So, what happens when both make up your morning ritual? Unsurprisingly, they form quite the connection; the quality of your breakfast will impact the quality of your workout, and it's important to know what's the best breakfast before exercising.

Let’s take it back to the night before. While your body is resting, your blood levels decrease since you (hopefully) aren’t eating while you sleep. This is why breakfast is so crucial: It re-nourishes your body and preps you for the day ahead. Doing anything on an empty stomach is tough, after all, and running is no different.

If you hit the pavement without eating, there’s a good chance you’ll feel lightheaded or nauseous. Your body needs the energy and nutrients to get moving in the first place. It’s just as uncomfortable as showing up to a meeting without eating lunch.

Understandably, some people don’t like working out after eating, as some find that it can cause uncomfortable digestive issues. The key is to focus on two things: size and timing. Mayo Clinic shares that your best bet is to eat a light breakfast an hour before running.

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So what should you eat before you run? Focus on good-for-you carbohydrates and proteins for a healthy boost of energy. Think whole-grain cereals, peanut butter sandwiches and the almighty avocado toast. Mix low-fat yogurt with banana and your favorite homemade granola. Lastly, don’t forget to hydrate. Water is always good for you, people.

By eating a light breakfast, you’ll build up enough energy to run efficiently and properly. That one hour grace period is crucial, too. This is prime time for your body to digest all those nutrients. The real task is getting up early enough to begin with.

Need some motivation? Experts recommend eating a second breakfast after you run. This post-workout meal is crucial for re-fueling your body. Basically, you can enjoy two breakfasts whenever you exercise. Count me in.