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Give thanks to the sheet pan

Kate Welsh
May 31, 2018

Chrissy Teigen's recent announcement about her love of sheet pan meals made waves on the internet. Everyone, it turns out, loves sheet pan meals for their convenience and crowd-feeding capabilities. However, these easy-peasy, time-saving platters are often relegated to dinner food. And while chicken pieces and vegetables are perfectly suited to coming together on a cookie sheet, it's possible that using such a pan for breakfast food is an even better idea. 

Here are six ideas for you (and Chrissy Teigen) that make breakfast for a crowd a breeze. 

Fruit Crumble

Photo by dirkr via Getty Images

You know how the best parts of a fruit crumble are those crispy, caramelized edges? This sheet pan crumble is basically a whole tray of those edges. You're welcome. 

Eggs, Fritatta-Style

photo by Caitlin Bensel

Eggs are a massive pain to make for a crowd. Luckily, you have a sheet pan and you know how to use it. Don't skimp on the cheese in these fritatta-style eggs.

Disco Fries


French fries. Bacon. Fried eggs. If there's a better hangover breakfast than disco fries, I don't know what it is. 

Slab Quiche

Photo by Ken Carlson, Waterbury Publications, Inc.

Frozen puff pastry makes quick work of one of slab quiche: The classiest—and easiest—breakfasts of all time. 


Photo by AlexPro9500 via Getty Images

Go sip a mimosa while you let your oven do the annoying pancake work. Chocolate chips encouraged.


Photo by MarkSkalny via Getty Images

If you've been spending a whole lot of time babysitting pork slabs over a hot stove, you might be a little mad about this one. Perfectly crispy bacon, every time. 

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