So they both invested in Daily Harvest, a subscription-based smoothie company
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EC: Serena Williams and Gwyneth Paltrow Want You to Drink More Smoothies
Credit: Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage and PAUL CROCK/AFP via Getty Images

Oh, look! Another food subscription service has landed! And this one has celebrity backing. Tennis super star Serena Williams, owner of 39 Grand Slam titles, and actress/cookbook author/entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow, owner of, have teamed up to invest in a soup and smoothie subscription start-up called Daily Harvest. Daily Harvest offers frozen, superfood-packed smoothies, soups, chia parfaits, and overnight oats. While other celebrities, like the cast of Modern Family, have endorsed the brand, Williams and Paltrow are the first two celebrities to invest in the company. "They both saw the opportunity to reinvent frozen as a solve to the modern eating dilemma of aspiring to eat well but lacking the time to do so," founder Rachel Drori said.

While this is Williams's first food company investment, she's been outspoken about her love of food and her "chegan" diet in the past. (Plus, her fiance, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, may know a couple things about start-ups.) Paltrow, of course, is no stranger to the food world. In 2015, she opened a cafe called 3 Green Hearts with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson. She's written three cookbooks—her latest is It's All Easy—and she's been outspoken about healthy food habits (and experiments) on her website and beyond. In a statement to People, Paltrow talked about the benefits of frozen food, saying "Frozen food gets a bad reputation but it’s actually a very practical way to consume nutrient dense foods. ...Farm-frozen produce is picked at its nutritional peak, retains more nutrients and its more readily available to everyone. For this reason Daily Harvest really resonated with me and I am so excited to get behind a revolution in frozen [food] with my investment.”

Paltrow, especially in association with Goop, hasn't necessarily been known for accessibility. (A $7000 customizable pet pendant, anyone?) So, it's nice to see Paltrow celebrating frozen food—rightfully, in my opinion—as a democratizing force. However, Daily Harvest delivery plans run from $48 for six smoothies (or $8/smoothie) to $168 for smoothies for a full month. Yes, the ease and alleged quality could make this worth it for some people, but for most, it's still way out of reach.