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Is your breakfast haunted?

Tim Nelson
October 01, 2018

Making breakfast sausage is a sensory experience. The smells and the taste are there, obviously, but there’s a simple joy in the sound of a sizzling frying pan amid the still of a quiet morning. But based on recent discoveries, it seems like the true sound of sausage is more blood curdling than previously imagined.

Just in time for spooky season, a series of videos sweeping the internet depict a strange auditory phenomenon that occurs when sausages are fried. Seemingly out of nowhere, the links come back to life, emitting a high-pitched wail like something out of a horrifying children’s cartoon.

It doesn’t take much to terrify your sausages. Simply apply high heat, give the pan a little shake, and the scared little buggers will start screaming and squealing.

So what’s the science behind the deeply unsettling phenomenon? It likely has something to do with water. According to British food scientist Stuart Farrimond, the sizzle we normally hear when making sausage isn’t fat, but moisture. Heat also makes a difference in the sound as well. So it’s possible that the phenomena can be chalked up to some combination of a sausage’s water content and the heat of the frying pan, catalyzed by the rolling motion of the sausage.


But who knows what’s really going on. Maybe the haunted and supposedly inanimate sausage is suddenly recovering the repressed memory of its time in the slaughterhouse. Maybe Rick Moranis got himself trapped inside the sausage and wants to let you know how frightened he is. Maybe the movement somehow wafts the scent of sausage over to a distant flock of hungry geese.

No matter what the cause, it’s a truly absurd phenomenon. So if you’ve ever wanted an easy way to freak out family or friends before they’ve had their morning coffee, skip the sausage patties and opted for this link-based prank instead.  

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