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Scratch & Sniff Bacon Cookbook’s delightful cover is definitely worth judging

Tim Nelson
October 30, 2018
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Cookbooks are great. We’re partial to a certain specific one that was just released, but there are a plethora of excellent options out whether you’re an aspiring celebrity chef or daring to venture into the kitchen for the first time. And yes, while the words and pictures of tasty treats are an excellent resource, there hasn’t been a great way to figure out what the foods in a cookbook actually smell like without going through the elaborate process of, you know, cooking food.

Well, the game just changed—slightly. That’s because a genius named Jack Campbell just teamed up with Smith Street Books to publish the Scratch & Sniff Bacon Cookbook, which is exactly what it sounds like. The book features a scratch and sniff cover that grants you access to the olfactory pleasure that bacon provides whenever you need it most, all without ever having to turn on a stove or buy any ingredients.

Ok, so the drawback is that only the cover smells like bacon. You won’t, for example, get to a scented preview of the bacon caramel popcorn or the bacon mac and cheeseburger recipes. For shame! But the forty recipes in here make it easy enough to find both the instructions and inspiration you need to elevate your bacon game. It’s chock full of everything from snacks like bacon-wrapped potato wedges to desserts like chocolate bacon cookies, making it entirely possible to serve your very own multi-course, bacon tasting menu. While we do truly wish that we could smell each of the forty recipes here, the fact that something on your bookshelf or in your kitchen can even conjure the smell of bacon at all is pretty commendable. I’m sure the geniuses who put together our first Extra Crispy cookbook (buy the book. You know you want to.) are already hard at work figuring out how to make its inevitable sequel the best-smelling (and selling) breakfast cookbook on the market.  

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