But I can't say I'd recommend them
EC: Scott Foley's Peanut Butter Scrambled Eggs Are Surprisingly Not Disgusting
Credit: Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic via Getty Images

The actor Scott Foley surprised the breakfast world this past weekend when he posted a video on Instagram showcasing a particularly unconventional meal: scrambled eggs with peanut butter. “You want more peanut butter on your eggs?” Foley asks his son as he forks creamy Skippy onto a plate of scrambled eggs. “Attaboy,” Foley adds, when his toddler son says yes. “It’s a family thing—it’s a protein thing.” While scrambled eggs with peanut butter isn’t Foley’s invention—one enterprising recipe I found online, influenced by West African cuisine, includes peanut butter, ginger, garlic, and sriracha sauce whisked into the mix—it certainly isn’t something you see on the breakfast table all that often.

“Good morn!” Foley implored in a note below the video. “Give it a shot. Seriously.”

So I did.

One thing that’s great about this recipe is it’s incredibly easy to prepare, and quite novel, so you can feel like you’ve done something special without having done much work. I whisked three large brown eggs in a bowl, scrambled them up in a cast-iron pan greased with butter, and then spooned them onto a plate. Then I scooped a sizable spoonful of creamy Jif into the center of the plate, spread the peanut butter around, as Foley did, and covered what was left of it with the still-steaming eggs so the peanut butter might have a chance to melt or at least lose its stiffness.

It did, a bit, but the eggs weren’t hot enough, so the peanut butter remained somewhat resistant to emulsifying with the soft scramble. Finally I forked a few egg pieces that were sufficiently coated with peanut butter into my mouth. The verdict? Quite good, actually. It was creamy but not too rich—the overriding flavor, of course, being peanut butter, but not so strong that it muted the more subtle egg flavor. When I dashed a bit of salt and pepper into the mix, the meal really popped. As Foley suggested, it is a satisfying meal and I don’t think I’ll have to eat again for a few hours.

Still, I can’t say I’d do this again—or, if I did, I might use a natural peanut butter that contains just peanuts sitting in their oils, or a crunchier brand-name peanut butter that might add some texture. As it is, the meal is a bit too sweet with Jif or Skippy or any other commercial peanut butters along those lines, which contain too much added sugar for my taste. What’s more, I’d much prefer a squirt of ketchup, a few drops of hot sauce or even a dollop of sour cream, cottage cheese or cream cheese when it comes to doing up my scrambled eggs.

I respect Foley for showing us who he is, but I have trouble seeing how his iteration of scrambled eggs with peanut butter is anything more than a meal for babies.