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It's the ultimate brunch-lover's dream. 

Grace Elkus
February 07, 2018
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When the Nostalgia Retro 3-in-1 Family Breakfast Station was shared across social media in 2016, it immediately became a viral sensation. Whether people were mocking it (are we really that lazy) or calling it a work of genius (everything's all in one place!), it had everybody talking.

If your feelings fall closer to the latter, good news: the appliance is currently on sale on Amazon for $63—a 21 percent savings (it retails for $80). The machine includes a family-size non-stick griddle (good for pancakes and eggs), a coffee maker that can brew up to four cups of coffee, a toaster that can toast four slices of bread, and a glass lid for the griddle with a heat-proof handle. It also automatically shuts off after 30 minutes—just in case you get so busy eating you forget to power it down.

Though we’re often skeptical of these types of gadgets, the product has more than 350 5-star reviews on Amazon—so it’s safe to say it’s a popular item. And, based on the reviews, it can be used for way more than just breakfast. One commenter baked a 7-inch frozen pizza in the toaster compartment, and another said it's large enough to bake a small cake. It’s described as being good for college students, RV dwellers, office kitchen counters, and small kitchen nooks. In fact, we might just be convinced we need one, too.

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