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A whole fleet of food trucks will pump out their avo dishes

Tim Nelson
September 07, 2018

These days, San Francisco is home to a ton of tech companies convinced their app will change the world, and a whole lot of unaffordable real estate. It’s only fitting, then, that the city by the bay will play host to a festival centered on the wildly overpriced fruit that everyone believes is a revolutionary superfood.


That’s right, folks: Avocado Con is headed to San Francisco this weekend. SoMa StrEat Food, a gathering space for food trucks that treats capitalization like a tween on AIM, is hosting a massive bash dedicated to everyone’s favorite fatty snack. The event’s description portrays it as “an AVOlanche of creamy, green goodness.” Avocado Con promises food trucks aplenty (since that’s kind of what SoMa StrEat Food does) in addition to “Bottomless craft beer and funky DJ'd beats will have you feeling like a guac star.”


In addition to over-the-top avocado toast and other dishes that play up the presence of the green ingredient, the 17+ food trucks in attendance will be offering unique and decadent creations. Options include battered and fried avocado, avocado ice cream (Bay Area native Tom Brady’s favorite flavor), and something called “The Golden Egg”, which is a “half stuffed avocado w/ aged cheddar, scallions, and sundried tomatoes, wrapped in bacon and glazed with Carolina Gold BBQ sauce.” In essence, avocado is available in every conceivable format.


While it may not be quite as Instagrammable as the avocado museum, the one day event puts the focus where it should be: on eating. Admission is $5 (kids 10 and under get in free), which grants you the right to overpay for avocado dishes from all of the food trucks. You can also tack on an all-you-can-drink option for $35, if you want to wash down that “legit chocolate avocadough from DOUGHP with like 8 craft beers and completely forget what you ate by the time you stumble out.


Should we convert all food trucks into avocado-only offerings? Is this festival a celebration of a trendy food or a sign that our interest in the avocado has arrived at its logical conclusion? Either way, the 21,000 Bay Area Facebook users interested in attending Avocado Con will find out soon enough.  

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