The first-ever Avolution Fest will be in June
Credit: photo by Westend61 via getty images

We've seen many single-food-themed festivals, from pizza to buns to cheese, and now avocados are ready to have their day in the sun. This June will mark the first Avolution Fest, an avocado-themed music and art festival in San Diego. The festival, which is sponsored by avocado oil company Chosen Foods, will feature plenty of avocado-heavy foods and cocktails, as well as avocado-themed art installations.

"We love avocados so much that we wanted to create a festival celebrating our favorite stone fruit and everything it embodies," Natalie Morse, Marketing & Innovation at Chosen Foods, told me in an email. "We want to bring together a like-minded people in our community who have a deep love for avocados."

Since this is the first Avolution Fest, Morse explained that the event organizers expect the majority of attendees to be local Southern Californians, but they hope to bring the event back next year with people from around the country.

Avolution Fest isn’t the only avocado-themed experience coming to the West Coast. San Diego will also become the home of The Cado, a pop-up museum experience similar to Egg House or the Museum of Ice Cream. The Cado will also open in June, so here’s hoping the city is ready for a run on avocados.

It may sound silly, but seeing as many food festivals have been criticized for running out of “all you can eat” food in mere hours, or making attendees pay high ticket prices for bad food and drinks (the New York Attorney General even looked into a sham pizza festival last September), festivals like these should be planned with extreme care.

"As this is the inaugural event, we can’t say with certainty how many avocados we will use, but are preparing to go through hundreds," Morse said.

Tickets for the Avolution Fest are available now for the June 9 event.