Finally, get a drink without feeling obligated to tip
Credit: Laura Lezza/Getty Images

These days, robots get a bad rep. Because a wide range of them are increasingly capable of accurately mimicking a number of rote human tasks, there’s a natural (and warranted) fear that they could someday replace jobs in every line of work from trucking to fast food. Thankfully, we can now point to at least one case where a robot overlords can do something useful for society without directly putting anyone out of work.

Launched last week, the Barsys is the first in-home bartending robot system available to general consumers. Looking like a cross between a high-end espresso machine and a liquor dispenser, it’s a countertop system programmed to prepare and mix a full complement of more than 2,000 cocktails. This conversation-starting, wealth-flaunting device can even take mixology commands, letting you create and program your own signature cocktails to serve to awed guests.

With a few taps in the proprietary iOS or Android app that connects to the Barsys via bluetooth, your non-vested, silent bartender starts to dispense liquor through one (or more) of the five different spirit bottles coupled to the device. Through a system of pipes connected to a stainless steel bottle, up to three mixers can stay temperature controlled and pressurized for as long as 18 hours. And whether you want your drink shaken or stirred, an internal blender capsule creates a “V-Vortex”, spinning drinks at rates of up to 300 rpm.

Of course, there’s the price tag: at $1050 (plus $100 for shipping), it’ll take quite a few at-home cocktail receptions for the Barsys to pay for itself. Still, you can’t put a price on the satisfaction of enjoying a great drink without having to feign listening to a mixologist deliver a monologue on how they’ve been experimenting with turmeric and oat milk in their drinks.