Richard Brendon

Richard Brendon's Reflect line is designed to be paired with whatever antique saucers you have

Margaret Eby
December 05, 2018

Do you have a friend whose Instagram feed is always filled with very beautiful, meticulously arranged ceramics and housewares? Are yous truggling with what to get them for the holidays? Yeah, me too. I'm sure it's because of the field I'm in (food media) and the place I live (Brooklyn), but so many of my friends have a real knack for curation, you know? And it makes selecting something that will not just be of use or bring joy to their homes, but also look good on the feed, extra difficult. So when I ran across Richard Brendon's line of Reflect teacups, I knew I had hit on something really, really good. 

These teacups are gold. Like, all the way gold. not just a little bit on the edges, or some gilding in the pattern, they're solidly gold, all the way around, in true Marie Antoinette style. They have a high-mirror shine that reflects back their surroundings, particularly pleasing if you're someone who cares about a tablescape. They were created in order to revive antique saucers that had lost their teacups—the highly reflective nature means that they pair well with almost every saucer. They also come in platinum, if you want more of a silver vibe, and there are espresso cups as well as tea cups if youre friend isn't much of a tea person. 

At the moment, the line is sold out, but a rep for Richard Brendon told Extra Crispy that they'll be back in stock soon. On their own, the cups will run you $112, and paired with an antique saucer, $160. It's pricey for sure, but a far cry from a leather champagne case or an ultra-rare bottle of Scotch. And just think about how good it'll look on the 'gram.

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