Think: An Irish Coffee for winos
EC: Red Wine Hot Chocolate Is the Only Fall Drink That Matters
Credit: Photo Courtesy JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty Images

Fall can be a tough season for sun-lovers. Days are shorter, nights are longer, and the sun never quite comes up the way it did back in August. But red wine hot chocolate might help cure some of these autumn blues by turning up the voltage on a seasonal beverage by infusing it with a red wine kick. Plus, a nip of booze also doesn't hurt when you're trying to forget that it's the end of beach season for a while. This brand new food phenom is perfect at all hours—whether you're looking to end your night with something sweet, or you're looking for a stealthy way to have some wine for breakfast.

The red wine hot chocolate breakthrough came to the internet by way of food blog Yeah... I'mma Eat That, which published a pretty persuasive treatise on why red wine hot chocolate should become this season's next favorite go-to. And, truth be told, it's not really that different than having other red-wine-and-chocolate pairings that are perhaps a little more common. Really, it's no crazier than enjoying some mulled wine as the air gets crisper around Halloween and Thanksgiving. If anything, this combo is simply more efficient than eating red wine and chocolate separately.

Now, it's worth cautioning that red wine hot chocolate is pretty rich. Imagine your usual red dessert wine and ratchet that up to 11. You're not going to want to guzzle this one by the glass; it's more of an easy sipper.

In fairness, however, most fall drinks tend do be that way, don't they? Look at coffee stouts, pumpkin spice lattes, eggnog, and anything else you'd typically associate with autumn. There's not a light beverage in the bunch. So as much as red wine hot chocolate might be a bit of an indulgence, it's no worse than anything else you might have once cuffing season gives way to sweatpants season, and tumbleweeds begin to roam through gyms across the land. Plus, Black Mirror's new season just returned to Netflix, so you really have no compelling reason to leave the house now.