How to make your waffles even more like a dessert
EC: Red Velvet Waffles Are Cake's Answer to Breakfast
Credit: Video and photo by Alex Tepper

Real talk: When cake is served, everyone goes for a corner piece because that’s undeniably the best slice. (Disagree? Fight us.) The corner piece maintains a balance of the crispy edge with a soft interior, so what’s not to love? Cake’s great in its purest form, but have you ever used cake mix as waffle mix? If you haven’t, you’ve been seriously missing out, especially if you’re one of those people who’s ready to fight to the death for that corner piece. For these cake mix waffles, we went with red velvet cake mix because of its bright red color and slight hint of chocolate. Follow the directions on the back of the box, scoop the batter into your waffle iron, and cook until crispy on the outside.

Using cake mix in a waffle iron gives you a real crunchy exterior, but cooks quickly enough that the inside is still cakey and fluffy—just like the edge piece of your favorite cake. Instead of drizzling a cream cheese glaze on top, we went with maple syrup, of course. If you want to spread on some icing and sprinkles and stick in a candle or two and eat it like an actual cake, well, we hope you already know that you don’t need our permission to do so.