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She's an embarrassment to fast food scammers everywhere

Mike Pomranz
May 23, 2018

The world of fast food is full of wonderful scams. There’s the old “ask for a water but fill the cup with fountain soda” scam. The classic “stash the fries in your pants and then go back to the counter and tell them they forgot your fries” scam. And who can forget the “Saying 'I am number 38,’ then grab the whole bag and run” scam?

But all these silly scams only offer up the prospect of free food. If you want to be a bigtime scammer, you need to have your eye on a lawsuit: That’s where the real money is. Of course, the problem with the idea of “go big or go home” is that sometimes you go big and go to jail—which is precisely what happened to an ambitious woman in Louisiana when she allegedly tried the time-honored “I found a razor blade in my burger” scam.

According to Lafayette’s KATC, the Eunice Police Department was called to Mercy Regional Medical Center last week after a woman identified as Correll Bradley claimed she suffered a facial injury due to a razor blade she found in a sandwich at an unnamed fast food chain. Police say her story was that she bit into the burger and felt pain; then when she returned home, she discovered the blade somewhere between the buns.

However, police tell a different story: After a medical examination, they believed the injury was self-inflicted, and reportedly found a damning level of evidence to back up their assertion.

After looking at security footage and local store inventories, police were able to allege that Bradley stole a pack of razor blades from a nearby store just minutes before purchasing her burger. Officers also said that their investigation showed that Bradley had already filed an insurance claim with the restaurant’s insurance company and was looking for a personal injury lawyer the same day of the incident—basically before the fries had even cooled down.

In the end, authorities decided that they had enough of a case to make an arrest, and Bradley has since been charged with criminal mischief and theft—though Chief Randy Fontenot told KATC that even more charges are still possible.

Meanwhile, the lesson here is that just because a scam is repeatedly tried doesn’t always mean it’s repeatedly true. Some scams are easier accomplished than others. Next time, maybe just stick with the water-soda switcheroo. 

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