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Believe it or not, he used to be a cop and a security guard

Tim Nelson
August 22, 2018

There are many ways to order a martini. You can order a gin and vodka maritni “shaken, not stirred” like James Bond. You can just ask a bartender for a martini, like a normal person. But whatever you do, don’t use it as an opportunity to make a tasteless joke about the murder of an unarmed black teenager.

That’s exactly what one idiot in Kansas City did recently. According to Alobar Bandaloop, who bartends at Buzard Beach in KC, an unpleasant patron named Mike Dargy sidled up to the bar and asked for a “Trayvon Martini.” Unfazed by the look of abject shock and disgust on Bandaloop’s face, Dargy then described it as “One shot of vodka, watermelon juice, and it only takes one shot because it only takes one shot to put him down!” Nope.

Upset and outraged as a person of color rightly would be in this situation, Bandloop captured his full account of the incident in a Facebook post that’s since been shared more than 1,200 times.

After refusing to serve Dargy, Bandaloop came to realize that he worked as a security guard. Obviously, someone in that line of work who feels comfortable expressing those kinds of attitudes can create problems for a community. Which explains why the “Unofficial Hyde Park Neighborhood Watch” group caught wind of the post and decided to bring the incident to the attention of Chesley Brown International, the security firm that employed him.

For what it’s worth, someone who reached out to Dargy suggests the now-former security officer at least somewhat understands the gravity of the incident: “I was trashed and made a bad decision. Entirely my fault and I will face whatever consequences come my way. Unfortunately I can't go back in time or say back what I said.”  

With Dargy’s termination from Chelsey Brown International now official, it would seem that this incident has run its course. But it’s just the latest specific manifestation of a broader societal problem. Dargy was employed as a police officer in Olathe, Kansas, until 2016, a position of authority where such a dismissive, racist attitude regarding minorities can have—and indeed has—deadly consequences.

Look, we’ve all said stupid, upsetting things when we’re drunk that we wish we could take back. It’s par for the course. But no amount of alcohol is going to turn you into a virulent racist if some form of those thoughts and attitudes aren’t already lurking somewhere within you. At a time when law enforcement needs to improve its relationship with the minority communities it aims to protect and serve, stuff like this sure isn’t going to help.


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