"Eggs Fall From The Sky" is an art installation in Santiago, Chile
EC: Put Giant Fried Egg Sculptures on Your Global Art Bucket List
Credit: All Photos by Martin Bernetti via Getty Images

Done right, the fried egg is basically a work of art. When the yolk is that just right shade of orange and the white manages to cook into a neat circle, the image is at the very least Instagram-worthy. A Dutch artist, though, has turned the image of fried eggs into literal art."Eggs Fall From The Sky" by Dutch artist Henk Hoftsa appeared on the streets of Santiago, Chile as part of the fourth-annual festival of urban art Hecho en Casa. The work—which consists of three meter wide spray painted whites and 1.5 meter high, three-dimensional yolks—now covers a 144-square meter area in Santiago's Plaza Italia.

Hofsta is known for large-scale public installations, which reveal a particular predilection for fried eggs. In fact, this isn't the first time he's created an installation that imagines eggs falling from the sky in an event reminiscent of the plot of Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. In 2008, Hofsta installed the similar "Art Eggcident," a work consisting of of massive spray-painted fried eggs nearly 100 meters in diameter, in Zaailand Square in Leeuwarden, Holland. The square, one of Holland's largest, had long been in need of some color, in the artist's opinion. Hofsta was inspired to create this first egg-stallation (sorry, had to) by the Dutch saying, "To lay down the first egg, you have to start with the first egg." He told My Modern Met, "That's why I started with the first egg (and several more) and made them huge."

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In Santiago, the hope is that the festival and "Eggs Fall From The Sky" will call attention to the Chilean capital's art destinations and draw cultural tourists. Santiago's egg-filled Plaza Italia, at least, is now a fine destination for breakfast tourists, too.