I'd rather stay sick

pumpkin spice
Credit: Photo by johnandersonphoto via getty images

If you thought the pumpkin spice trend was limited to Starbucks’ infamous latte, you are sorely mistaken. Speaking of sore, now is the time of year throats start to get scratchy with a cold, and CVS has just the pumpkin spicy cure you didn’t know you needed: pumpkin spice cough drops. The drops were spotted by the Instagram user candyhunting, who noted that the combination of pumpkin and menthol doesn’t necessarily sound appealing, but don’t knock it until you try it. Given how much the pumpkin spice game has been cranked up as the public only falls more in love with PSLs, it might not be long before the drops take over, too.

Ever since Starbucks introduced its pumpkin spice latte in 2003 (yes, it’s been 14 years since it was born) pumpkin spice has been showing up in just about everything you can imagine. From body scrub, to doughnuts, to beer, there’s no avoiding this particular fall flavor combination, but nobody seems to mind all that much. And now that Starbucks’ PSL is back for the season, there’s no guessing what on earth might come after the cough drop stage of the pumpkin takeover.

According to Cosmopolitan, CVS is selling pumpkin spice cough drops for just $1.70 per bag, so in a pinch, it could stand in as a cheaper substitute for a latte. There’s not much time to find out, however, as the drops will only be sold for a limited time. So next time the line is a little too long at Starbucks in the morning, and especially if you’re feeling a bit on the sick side, pop on over to CVS and see if candyhunting was wrong about pumpkin and menthol. You never know!