Photo by @thismorning via Twitter

Uh, OK?

Rebecca Firkser
April 23, 2018

British morning show host Holly Willoughby used a what she called her “psychic banana” to correctly predict that the newest royal baby would be a boy. I have a lot of questions. Apparently, Willoughby, a host of This Morning in the United Kingdom, was able to find out that the Duchess of Cambridge (also known as Kate Middleton) would give birth to a baby boy by asking and then slicing into the bottom of a banana.

Apparently, Willoughby’s psychic banana is a recurring segment on This Morning. Willoughby and her co-host have asked viewers to call in with questions for the banana—and they have. The banana has apparently correctly predicted things like whether someone’s favorite football team will win an upcoming match or whether they will pass their upcoming driving test. And now, apparently the psychic banana has also correctly predicted that royal baby number three would be a boy.

The psychic banana trick apparently works like this: When you slice open the bottom tip of a banana, it will either have a black dot (indicating the answer to your question is “no”) or a black triangular or “Y” shape (indicating that the answer is “yes”) on the bottom. When Willoughby asked the banana whether the Duchess would have a boy, the banana revealed a Y shape. Just hours later, it was announced that a baby boy had been born at 11:01am.

“You heard it here first folks—The Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a baby boy! The psychic banana never lies,” read a Twitter post by This Morning soon after the announcement.


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