Do you even sip, bro?
EC: Protein-Infused Coffee Will Get You Both Amped and Swole
Credit: Photo by RyanJLane via Getty Images

If you're about that gym life, you know that Brodin—the patron saint of swole—demands that his disciples ingest enough protein to make a mere mortal's kidneys explode. But for those who have accepted Brodin's gospel into their lives, there is now a protein-infused coffee pod that can help them get closer to their maker with every cup. LonoLife's Kona Blend Protein Coffee is a 100 percent Arabica blend that packs more than an egg's worth of protein in every serving—no blender ball or dusty pseudo-chocolatey powder required. Each K-Cup of protein-infused coffee packs in 10 grams of protein, rather than the paltry six grams inside a measly old egg.

And if the idea of a protein coffee pod wasn't already music to your muscles all on its own, the LonoLife protein coffee blend is also Paleo-friendly, as the protein source comes from animal collagen rather than other sources that don't adhere to the meat-based diet. So even if you're not a fitness buff but simply like to drink animals, today is still your lucky day! Finally, animals and coffee together. I don't care what everyone says—maybe 2016 can still redeem itself even with so few days left on the calendar.

This isn't the first time that LonoLife used the K-Cup format to offer up nutrition to fitness buffs. The company also offers Beef Bone, Chicken Bone, and Thai Curry-style Beef protein pods for those who love exercise just as much as they enjoy a hot, meaty beverage. And more generally speaking, their play on protein-infused coffee is but one among many new products that protein-ify foods and drinks that you wouldn't expect to be filled with muscle-enhancing nutritional additives. Trimino Protein Water offers a sugar-free way to get a serving of protein in without chowing down on a chicken breast or handful of peanuts. Wheyhey protein ice cream brought the world a (seemingly) healthier alternative to your usual pint of Ben & Jerry's binge during a Netflix marathon session (no? Just me?). Starbucks introduced a line of protein-enriched Doubleshot coffee cans for those who want to get jacked up on espresso before hitting the gym in the pursuit of gainz. And to keep it breakfasty, perhaps we can interest you in FlapJacked protein pancake mix.

But for a many sources of protein there are in the world, it's less clear if us mere mortals really need all of that protein in our systems. Science suggests that how much protein the body can absorb varies from person to person, but in most cases, only a small percentage is actually put to use toward muscle regeneration. An average-sized woman only needs 46 grams of protein per day, and the average man only requires about 56 grams. The rest of that protein is either converted into glucose (and stored as fat!) or... is evacuated (no elaboration required!). But if you'd rather err on the side of caution, options abound. You can have your protein with coffee, milk, ice cream, or get it the old-fashioned way: out of a huge tub next to your workout tanktops and resistance bands.