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Bye bye bubbly

Mike Pomranz
Updated: November 02, 2018

Who doesn’t like to pop a bottle of bubbly or two? But can you image popping 40,000 bottles of bubbly all at once? That was basically the scene at a winery in Italy as nearly 8,000 gallons of Prosecco apparently burst out of the top of their tank. And a short video of the unfortunate incident has gone viral on Facebook.

A short six-second clip featuring a liquid identified as 30,000 liters of Prosecco was posted to Facebook by the wine shop wine shop L’enoteca Zanardo Giussano last Tuesday and has since racked up nearly 1 million views, not to mention the additional hundreds of thousands of views the video has gotten on other social networks like YouTube.

For a video that has been steadily viral for nearly a week, official details surrounding the incident are surprisingly hard to come by. The original post suggests that the winery was located in the town of Conegliano in Italy’s northern Veneto region – one of the areas where Prosecco is produced. (So at least that part of the story checks out.) The caption also states that the tank had “too much must” – or unfermented grape juice – implying that accidental overfilling sent the wine shooting out the top. Meanwhile, the footage was apparently taken by an employee of the winery and then passed off to the wine shop, according to The Drinks Business.

Oddly enough, despite the video being covered by dozens of media outlets in all sorts of languages, all the translations only seem to lead to the same jokes about free prosecco. One Italian site suggests some sort of “task force” should be created – with plenty of glasses, obviously. “Drink Responsibly” quips the headline of an English-language Russian site. And blog based in the U.S. described the whole thing as Italy having “scored” a free fountain of prosecco – though most of the people commenting on the clip have deemed it a tragedy.

All that being said, you don’t need a ton of context to enjoy watching tons of liquid shooting out of the top of a giant tank. But beyond being an awe-inspiring site, it does leave you wondering about the state of journalism today. Of course, I’d like to have been able to provide more information myself instead of just cracking jokes, but I wasn’t there. You can tell, because if I was, you’d see me in the video standing right against the tank with my mouth open. Cough.

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