We would eat a whole tube of the stuffing flavor

EC: Thanksgiving Dinner-Flavored Pringles Are Shockingly Accurate
Credit: Photo courtesy Pringles

The hardest part of Thanksgiving is all the cooking and clean-up. But what if you could eliminate those steps—because every single dish in your Thanksgiving meal was actually potato chips? The mad flavor scientists at the Pringle factory have you covered: They just rolled out an entire Thanksgiving dinner in potato chip form. That's right—a tray with Pringles in the following flavors: Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Mac & Cheese, Creamed Corn, Green Bean Casserole, Cranberry Sauce, and Pumpkin Pie.

If that sounds weird, well, our in-house Extra Crispy taste test was even weirder. Our office was the lucky(?) recipient of one of these extremely limited Pringles Thanksgiving feasts, and so, of course, we had to make everyone on staff eat the chips. The general consensus is that the Thanksgiving Pringles are surprisingly accurate. Sometimes too accurate. But there were some favorites and some—you know, less favorites.

The Turkey Pringle was one of the best of the bunch. It tasted like an herby, not-to-dry turkey breast. Stuffing was another office favorite. It tasted, to me, exactly like a box of Stovetop stuffing, a personal Thanksgiving favorite. Mashed Potato was another Pringle that pulled off the flavor fairly well, perhaps not surprisingly, as both share the base note of potato to begin with. Pumpkin Pie leaned a bit too heavily on the clove side, but was overall definitely better than the phrase "Pumpkin Pie-flavored Pringle" might suggest.

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Credit: photo courtesy pringles

Then there were the also-rans. The Mac & Cheese wasn't sufficiently cheesy enough. The Green Bean Casserole was impressive but too weird for a second bite. Cranberry Sauce got mixed reviews—it was pretty spot-on, in taste, but not an enjoyable flavor experience unless you pair it with another chip. The least favorite of the bunch was Creamed Corn, which, as our editor Ryan Grim put it, "flew too close to the sun. It's the weirdest chip I've ever had." But it was so weird that we respect it. A bold weirdness.

Alas for Pringles fans, these flavors are not widely available right now. But hopefully the pilot taste test will encourage Pringles to roll them out for wider distribution.