Free drinks made by amazing chefs are coming to a city near you
Splenda food truck
Credit: Gif by lauren kolm

Hey iced coffee lovers, we have glorious news! We’ve teamed up with SPLENDA® Naturals to take the Extra Crispy food truck on the road. This fall, we'll be traveling to eight different cities around the country and handing out free specialty coffee concoctions sweetened with SPLENDA® Naturals. Each drink will be a unique recipe developed by a crazy-talented chef. Did we mention the drinks are free?! If you love iced coffee and not paying for stuff, then you have no reason not to go.

Here are all the cities that the truck will be rolling through and the chefs who will be making amazing drinks sweetened with SPLENDA® Naturals. Check out the list! If you live in one of these cities, come out and grab a free drink.

When: October 7
Where: Midtown Village Fall Festival
Chef: Jake Cohen
Drink: Cold Brew Horchata

When: October 14
Where: Hunt St. Market
Drink: The Cardamom Cooler by Chef Ashley Christensen

Tampa Bay
When: October 21
Where: Fresh Market at Wiregrass
Chefs: Michele and Greg Baker
Drink: Dairy-Free Caramel Latte

When: October 28
Where: Austin Film Festival
Chef: Philip Speer
Drink: Mocha Brownie Fizz

San Francisco
When: October 28
Where: Treasure Island Flea
Chef: William Werner
Drink: Coconut Praline Espresso Fizz

Los Angeles
When: November 5
Where: Santa Monica Pier
Chef: Brooke Williamson
Drink: Iced Dirty Chai

When: November 5
Where: Fiesta in the Park
Chef: Norman Van Aken
Drink: Pumpkin Spiced Coquito Latte

When: November 11
Where: Novant Health Charlotte Marathon
Chefs: Joe and Katy Kindred
Drink: Coconut Moroccan Café au Lait