That's right—you could get paid to eat pizza

you could be paid to be a pizza taste tester in England
Credit: Photo by Michael Berman via Getty Images

A wise man once said if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Legendary punk frontman Henry Rollins once said “Pizza makes me feel like anything is possible.” If you love eating pizza (i.e. you have a pulse), it’s possible that one UK restaurant wants to make sure you never truly have to work again.

That’s right: Bath Pizza Company is hiring a “professional pizza eater” to help the wood-fired pie maker fine-tune its new menu. According to the job listing, the ideal candidate is “an experienced pizza connoisseur with a love for wood fired flavours,” must possess a “cultured palate,” and is a “good communicator to [provide] feedback to our chefs.”

As you might imagine in a role where your job is literally eating pizza, there are some serious fringe benefits. In addition to a competitive salary, the lucky applicant will get “serious pizza perks” in the form of first dibs on some inventive pies prepared using local ingredients. And lest you think that only locals need apply, Bath Pizza Co. says it’s willing to reimburse travel costs—including airfare—for the right candidate.

Of course, expecting to put in a forty-hour work week in a role like this is too good to be true, as the team will only need their dedicated tester on-site for two hours on one weekday. Still, it sounds like a dream come true for anyone seeking out a new side hustle.

In order to apply, you’ll just need to fill out an online form with your thoughts on “what makes an awesome pizza” and something akin to a cover letter explaining why you’re the best candidate for the job. No need to worry about where you see yourself in five years, because the obvious answer to that is “eating more pizza."