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Nobody out-vegans the Hut

Tim Nelson
February 07, 2018

Pizza is one of life’s simplest pleasures, a panacea for everything from hangovers to potential lawsuits. Unless you’re a vegan, that is, in which case your options are severely curtailed by that whole cheese thing. Well, if you occupy the small center in the venn diagram of “people who are vegan,” “people who are British,” and “people who really want to eat at Pizza Hut for some reason,” then November 29th, 2017 marks the beginning of a glorious new era. 

That’s right: beginning this week, vegans can enjoy guilt-free pies at all 262 British Pizza Hut locations thanks to a new mozzarella substitute they’re calling “mmm vegalicious”. It’s made by Greek faux-cheesemonger Violife, who introduced dairy-free cheese like “Just Like Mature Cheddar” and “Just Like Smoked Provolone” in the US earlier this year. 

As with any big decision by a major chain, this was the product of careful testing and market research. Pizza Hut soft-launched the Violife cheeses at five locations in southern England, and received such a positive response that they decided to extend the offering across all of Great Britain. Given that the only comparable vegan option from a major chain can be found at Israeli Dominos locations, the move is a pretty big deal. 

Sadly, America’s ethically-minded pizza lovers (or the lactose intolerant) will have to wait. Pizza Hut hasn’t announced any plans for similar vegan options stateside just yet. But given that Violife “cheese” is already sold in American stores, it’s likely just a matter of time. For now, sit back and let British vegans enjoy the fact that they can now enjoy chain pizza alongside the rest of us. 

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