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Nobody outdrinks the Hut, at least in Arizona and California

Tim Nelson
May 08, 2018

Pizza Hut: it’s pizza, and sometimes they put cheese in the crust. That’s most of what can be said about the Texas-based pie chain with a nationwide footprint. But in an effort to win the delivery wars against competitors Papa John’s and Domino’s, they’ve got a trick up their sleeve: booze.

Starting this month, Pizza Hut is rolling out its pilot beer delivery program to 100 more franchises in Arizona and California. For now, it seems that thirsty lovers of thoroughly average pizza can choose from fine macrobrews like Budweiser, Bud Light, Blue Moon, Coors Light, Shock Top, and Miller High Life. Two beers will retail for between $3 and $4.50, and six packs will go from anywhere from $5.99 to $10.99. Those lucky(?) enough to reside in certain parts of Arizona can also enjoy free delivery on some of those six packs.

“Nothing complements an oven-hot pizza like a nice cold beer,” said Pizza Hut CMO Zipporah Allen in a company statement. “Expanding the pilot program is a natural way for Pizza Hut to get our customers the perfect pizza and beer combo they’re craving, delivered right to their doors.”

Though first tested on a small scale in Arizona back in December, this program could expand quickly. Nation’s Restaurant News reports that nearly 1,700 Pizza Hut locations already have liquor licenses ready to go. It’s unclear where Pizza Hut will introduce the ability to pound a few Bud Lights while eating breadsticks and stuffed crust pizza from the comforts of home next, but you can bet it’s happening.

Just don’t expect to get that order from a “self-driving pizza oven,” as delivery people will be required to check ID or risk the store losing its license. Sorry, lawbreaking teens!

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