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Because dad deserves the best in lazy pizza eating experiences

Tim Nelson
June 13, 2018

There’s no sweeter gesture on Mother’s Day than making mom some breakfast in bed. But is there a suitable Father’s Day equivalent? If there’s anything to be learned from playing The Sims, it’s that “grilling in bed” seems pretty unsafe. Luckily, some Canadians have hit on a stupidly smart solution that finally lets dad dine without lifting the duvet cover.


Boston Pizza, a Canadian chain named after a city that isn’t really lauded for its pizza, is introducing a special “BP in Bed” box just in time for Father’s Day. Outfitted with triangular cardboard legs, it transforms from an average vessel for pizza conveyance into a convenient tray table tailor-made for eating in the sheets.

The revolutionary box was designed in partnership with ad agency John St., and it sounds like the development process was more complex than one would assume. “It's a simple idea, but a lot of thinking went into making sure it would actually work," John St. Creative Director Paul Little told Ad Age. “It sounds ridiculous, but knowing some lucky people are going to be able to comfortably eat pizza in bed makes it all worth it."

Though you’d think that any sensible pizzeria would want to crank out as many of these as possible, this bad boy is sadly a limited-edition giveaway. To get yours, visit Boston Pizza’s Facebook or Twitter and “tag a deserving father-figure in your life using the #BPinBed” for the chance to win a box and $100 in credit to help you fill it up. Sadly only Canadian hosers living in the Great White North are eligible, even though Boston Pizza has outlets in the US and Mexico. Really not in the spirit of NAFTA, you guys.

Still, nothing says you’re living your best life like eating pizza in bed. Here’s hoping a number of grateful Canadian dads finally get to live that dream this Father’s Day. 

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