Photo courtesy Codigo 1530

When you want something rose-colored that's not rosé

Elizabeth King
February 07, 2018

Though the end of summer is in sight now that we’re halfway through August (already!), it’s still pretty hot out there, and people need refreshment. It seems that booze makers never run out of clever ways to get people both cooled down and buzzed, so much so that amazing new booze doesn’t get it’s due until later. Apparently last year, Jalisco, Mexico-based artisanal tequila makers, Código 1530, started selling their liquor in the United States, including a pretty excellent looking pink tequila. Called Tequila Rosa, the tequila is rested for a full year before sold, and of course the pretty pink color is alluring.

According to the Código 1530 website, Tequila Rosa is made with a base of their classic Blanco tequila, then rested for one month in “uncharred Napa Cabernet French White Oak barrels.” It’s the time spent in the cabernet barrels that lends the tequila both its light pink color. It also adds to the overall taste. The website states that the barrells enhance the natural agave flavor, and also adds more floral notes.

The tequila is sold in restaurants and bars, and can be purchased online through the brand’s retail partners, available on the company website. Now this is a really nice tequila, so of course it’s got an impressive price tag to match. One of the online retailers who will ship Código 1530 sells bottles of Tequila Rosa for just shy of $65. Though that’s not bad compared to other bottles of Código’s tequila, which can go for well over $200.

With good old rosé, pink gin, and now a pink tequila, there’s no reason not to add a splash of summery color to drinks while it’s still warm outside. After all, before you know it we’ll be back to hot toddies and shivering, wishing we’d taken better advantage of rooftop patios.

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