The Eagles are going to the Super Bowl, and they've got a doughnut to prove it

EC: Philly Shop Makes 'Eagles Fan on a Greased Pole' Doughnut
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Philadelphia sports fans have been guilty of everything from fighting NHL players in penalty boxes to booing Santa Claus and pelting him with snowballs. So it didn’t come as too much of a surprise when Philly’s cops preemptively greased the city’s light poles early on Sunday before the city hosted the NFC championship game. And while those Crisco-coated poles didn’t prevent fans from ascending light poles in celebration of the Eagles’ first Super Bowl berth in 13 years, a local doughnut shop used the only-in-Philly story as a way to celebrate the hometown team’s sweet success.

Right around the time most Philadelphians were waking up with a hangover and/or an overwhelming sense of civic pride on Monday morning, Dotties Donuts took to social media to show off its “newest piece of art,” dubbed “Eagles fan on a greased pole.” An abstract work, the vegan doughnut simultaneously fetes the determination showed by the underdog Eagles to reach the Super Bowl and the tenacity of Philly fans who climbed poles despite the best efforts of the #CriscoCops.

Compositionally, the doughnut consists of chocolate cake with a slick vanilla and green matcha glaze. Inside, a peanut butter and vanilla butter buttercream with cookies and cream custard offers up a taste as sweet as a blowout victory over the Vikings probably feels.

And since no runup to the Super Bowl is complete without a little civic rivalry, Dottie’s also announced that it’s suspending the sale of its Boston cream doughnuts until sometime after the Eagles face off against the New England Patriots on February 4th.

They even had the gall to take shots at Tom Brady and his notoriously ascetic diet with a new “Creamed Boston” doughnut featuring chopped pistachios and a matcha filling, the closest a doughnut can get to bleeding Eagles green.

Despite their reputation as a bunch of troublemakers, Dotties’ handiwork clearly shows that Philadelphia rivals anywhere in the country when it comes to passionate sports fandom and civic pride. And even though I’m a Patriots fan who hopes the 5.5-point underdog Eagles get creamed, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to get my hands on one of these celebratory doughnuts. Hopefully Eagles fans won’t run into any poles in their rush to pick one up.